Sunday, July 1, 2012

"Dickface." vol.2 preview. run chicken run.

So the new "dickface." is slightly different than the last, in that instead of being double paged for each image, they are all single paged and are (hopefully) done better.  The collage aspect of the zine is done digitally instead of by hand.  The new zine, which is, (fingers crossed) going to contain 18 images in total for the free version, but I hope to do a few more for a future more handmade version.  ANYWAY, whatever, we'll see what happens.  Until then, enjoy this preview.  This is one of the eight I have finished...10 more to go!

Also, if you are interested in following more closely what is going on with this project, follow me on twitter @roboticarms, and specifically my hashtag #occupymydick, the title of volume 2. WOO! yeah. enthusiasm.

ps. YES i did fuck up the title of my own work in the url.

dickface vol.1 part 3/3

end of original dickface!
previews of vol. 2 to come!