Tuesday, December 29, 2009

year end roundup part I: woodcuts.

“Sisyphus”, 12”x 16.5”, 2008

“orange door hinge”, 2 block woodcut, 4”x 5.5”, 2009

“aaargh” 2 block woodcut and collagraph, 5”x 7.5”, 2009

In my searching through my images and such, I have stumbled upon a number of prints I have either a] forgotten to upload b] are too embarrassing to post or c] have not been photographed (/completed to my satisfaction). Of the ones that fall into category a, here are a few woodcuts that I forgot to put up but aren't TOTAL shit. I mean they are pretty shit or I would have remembered to post them but you know...
Other end of the year posts to come shortly, 2010 will look a lot different, mainly because there will be a lot more in process shit/me griping about personal and work bullshit/etc.
ALSO. Etsy things should be up soon if I can stay on task and/or feel the necessity to deal with an arseload of trivial crap.

FOR THE EARLY BIRDS: more info about prints to come later today, too tired to deal with that shite at the moMENT.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the UNDEAD! live!

okay not really. Just more old woodcuts. Meh. These are the last of the ones I did the past year...well, most of them. Anything else is either not worth seeing or will be updated later as part of other things. That sounds cryptic. Don't worry, it's not.

"woodcunts!" 7.5x7.5"
Done for an end of the school year print exchange. Mine was the best, of course.

"nom nom nom (editioned version)" woodcut with india ink wash, 10x16"

"enslave yourself!" 1 to 3 layer woodcut, 6x8.5"
printed on 30 7x10" pages torn out of a book on U.S. presidents.
first: one layer, second: three layers, third: two layers
everyone of these was slightly different as it comprised different background and different combinations of layers.

"robots > humans" 4 layer woodcut, bleed print, 13.5x20"
This one was inspired (in part) by the great Sean Star Wars' style of doing woodcuts, specifically the pickup. I attempted to use the rough sketching that he does but just couldn't get myself to do. I require planning. Oh, well. If you don't know him though, check him out, he's the fucking BOSS and a killer dude ta boot.

Friday, December 18, 2009

"with/out." or a whole SHITLOAD of pictures.

This is a series of 9 (including the above one) etchings for a book called "with/out." that I made over the summer. The one above of the shark was a 3x4" four plate color etching that was used for the title page, and the ones below were 4x5.5" single plate etchings. Along with the images there was text done with letterpress (which you see as the titles of the images). The whole thing was bound and also included some screen printing and woodcuts for various miscellaneous parts of the book. Anyway the whole thing was a BITCH. Letterpress is totally not my thing, way too much tedious work for not a lot of pay off, but it looks great and I respect people that do it...even though they are fucking crazy. Moral of the story, however, is that making the books was way too much for me but I'll probably be editioning the etchings soonish/at some point and offering those in sets or individually. But yeah, that will be in the future and I'll post something about it then so...there wasn't much point in mentioning now...but I was just thinking about it...at the mo...OKAY no more rambling. LOOK at these here things I made!

"these words are insufficient."

"these images are contrived."

"all meaning is fabricated."

"any connections are fictitious."

"the juxtaposition of things is coincidental."

"what you see is all there is."

"anything more than THIS is an assumption."

"i have no purpose in doing this shit...
but let's just pretend otherwise, okay?"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


HOLY SHIT. I am fucking on Christmas break. Such a weight off, I finally have time to really work. It's funny how much school keeps me from actually working, and by funny, I mean pathetic.
Anyhoo, this is a diptych I finished a few weeks ago but only just got it properly documented. The first part is screen printed with a little bit o' india ink wash over the top. The second part is (obviously) a photograph, but the head was constructed out of wire/mesh frame and then paper mached and then painted. My lovely girlfriend was kind enough to model it for me in this photo, she's a trooper and a pretty super gal (/faggotry). Both were 12x16 inches. It was a fun project, and gave me an excuse to make a giant wearable head which, chances are, I will be making more of in the future.

And I'm just gunna include this because it's super adorable. YEah. SUPER. I repeat words a lot.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

oldies but...okaysies?

All line work done by hand, ev'rything else done in PHOTOSHOOOOOOP.

Just puttin' up some old things to add to the THOUSANDS of images your eyeballs are inundated with everyday. Just some variously illustrations I did, the first was for the Washu junior printmaking show which I ended up screen printing over a hundred times on cards and a dozen of so times for posters, and the others were just some assignments I had in an illustration class I took last semester. Meh. Do with them what you will.

In "bloggy" type news, since this is a blog an all and i'm allowed (am I?) to rattle off about personal bullshit, I only have two days until I'm off school for Christmas break...FUCKING STOKED. Oh so much work shall be done. It will be grand. Ah. Btw, that wasn't sarcastic...and neither is this part or the last part...Srsly...okay? Goddammit.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

quick like a fish.

This is a semi-quick drawing I did for the cover of the upcoming (when I don't fucking know) Whammo Press zine "Tall Tales". I tried to work in a simpler style as the way I usually work can be a bit difficult to screen print. So, this will, to the best of my knowledge, be the cover for the zine that includes this lil' comic page I did. I'll be posting an update when that comes out with photomos of said cover etc. blah blah etc. blah.

On a completely unrelated topic, have you (the third person internet entity) seen "District 9"? If not you TOTALLY should. I was really surprised. Is good. See it. Watch it. Love it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

new print/new news

Alright just editioned this here print, its 4x6" etching on copper printed on Somerset with a Kitakata japanese paper chine colle. Jesus Christ isn't that fucking COOL?!
So yeah it'll be up on Etsy before Christmas I hope, assuming that it doesn't sell out over the weekend. SPEAKING OF WHICH, some of my prints are going to be up for sale at an Art Sale that is going on at the Lewis Center here in Saint Louis. It's in the Loop area so if you're around there this weekend you should check it out.
ALSO, more news, this past weekend this new print, along with a few others, was up in a show called "This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" at a gallery (whose name I can't remember) on Cherokee Street during the Cherokee Street Print Fair.

AND some of my prints that were being sold by Whammo Press at the fair, were photographed and made it up on the RiverFront Times site. Not THRILLING but, y'know, sortof cool or whatever. Check it out. RFT print slideshow

Sunday, December 6, 2009

i am going to kill myself, reanimate, then kill myself again.

Alright holy shit, I have been busy as fuck. I have my final bullshittings (read as "critiques") monday and tuesday so I have been swamped trying to get worked finished. The good news with that is that soon I shall be free from school and have more time to do what I want and more importantly WHEN i want.
In other news my cat is trying to eat our christmas tree right now and I think I am going to murder him. It'll be one of those murder-suicides you know? Whatever, I'm sure you'll see it on the news.
Anyway, before I start rambling, here are two album covers(art and typography) I did over the summmer for two bands off the Realicide label. Both of them are amazing though Praey has disbanded. Hopefully they will do something else cause they are baller dudes and made some good stuff while they were together. And Mavis is a fucking dope motherfucker. Fuck!

lines done by hand, everything else done in photoshoop

done in pen, pencil, ink, charcoal, and acrylic paint

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


“anatomically incorrect” etching, 5” x 7”, 2009

“self portrait x 1000” etching, 11” x 8”, 2009

“distance = infinity” etching, 5.5”x 4”, 2009

“words of wisdom” 3 plate color etching, 2”x 2.75”, 2009

“safety razor” 2 plate color etching, 4”x 5.5”, 2009

“eggsistentialism” etching, 4”x 5.5”, 2009

This is a handful of etchin's I produced at the beginning of this year. I was still getting the hang of the whole etching process, and hopefully there is some sort of progression in them...if not well then fuck. FAIL. This'll be updated shortly with specs and shit. Awful late ATM so not really feeling up to seeking out that info.
In other news, totally got my high score in bowling tonight, 195. I'm sure everyone that reads this has either a)gotten a higher score or b)is fully capable of lying on the internet.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

no exskullmations.

Bluh. Been sick the past couple days and just sortof lazing about sleeping and such. It's a bit nice to have the break but I haven't been able to get much work done. Oh well. Instead of just babbling about nothing interesting, I present you... a shitty drawing. I did this for a zine that is being put together by Whammo Press, which is my print programs shitty "press". I'll prolly regret mentioning that later but whatever. Too sick to really think much.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Zombie woodcuts!

“nom nom nom” woodcut and 4 color screenprint, 10”x 16”, 2009

“you are insignificant” (edition of 4) woodcut and sintra stencils, 7.5”x 11”, 2009

“cut out and keep (Valentine's Day print)” (edition of 10) 2 block woodcut, 7”x 5”, 2009

“demonize” 3 block woodcut and acrylic paint, 16”x 8”, 2009

“The Sianach!” woodcut, 2 x 3 feets!, 2009

Well, they aren't woodcuts OF zombies, they are just old, dead, rotting...and thirsting for flesh! Or something. But yeah...words unnecessary.
Only other thang, all these were done in the first half of 2009, fer yer info.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

AW snap! First official Robotic Arms print!

Howdy y'all! Well to get this thing started, I present to you the first official edition since Robotic Arms Press was ripped crying and screaming from the bloody womb of my brain. "Head swap" is an 8.5 by 12.5 inch four-color screenprint printed on 11x 16 Stonehenge. It's a small edition of 6, each ever so slightly different and printed with my own battered and broken (but loving!)hands. They will be available on etsy in the near future.
SO yir, updates will be coming in of older work that I've done and have until now left rotting and peacefully resting in their graves. However they shall be reanimated as a screaming mass of undead prints to destroy and burn away your eyeballs. Or something.
Overly dramatic and obnoxious? NEVER!