Thursday, December 10, 2009

new print/new news

Alright just editioned this here print, its 4x6" etching on copper printed on Somerset with a Kitakata japanese paper chine colle. Jesus Christ isn't that fucking COOL?!
So yeah it'll be up on Etsy before Christmas I hope, assuming that it doesn't sell out over the weekend. SPEAKING OF WHICH, some of my prints are going to be up for sale at an Art Sale that is going on at the Lewis Center here in Saint Louis. It's in the Loop area so if you're around there this weekend you should check it out.
ALSO, more news, this past weekend this new print, along with a few others, was up in a show called "This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" at a gallery (whose name I can't remember) on Cherokee Street during the Cherokee Street Print Fair.

AND some of my prints that were being sold by Whammo Press at the fair, were photographed and made it up on the RiverFront Times site. Not THRILLING but, y'know, sortof cool or whatever. Check it out. RFT print slideshow

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