Tuesday, December 29, 2009

year end roundup part I: woodcuts.

“Sisyphus”, 12”x 16.5”, 2008

“orange door hinge”, 2 block woodcut, 4”x 5.5”, 2009

“aaargh” 2 block woodcut and collagraph, 5”x 7.5”, 2009

In my searching through my images and such, I have stumbled upon a number of prints I have either a] forgotten to upload b] are too embarrassing to post or c] have not been photographed (/completed to my satisfaction). Of the ones that fall into category a, here are a few woodcuts that I forgot to put up but aren't TOTAL shit. I mean they are pretty shit or I would have remembered to post them but you know...
Other end of the year posts to come shortly, 2010 will look a lot different, mainly because there will be a lot more in process shit/me griping about personal and work bullshit/etc.
ALSO. Etsy things should be up soon if I can stay on task and/or feel the necessity to deal with an arseload of trivial crap.

FOR THE EARLY BIRDS: more info about prints to come later today, too tired to deal with that shite at the moMENT.


  1. The one with the shark is pretty fucking awesome.

  2. I love the semen one :D absolute comedie.
    I wish I'd been as productive with my year -_-
    Can't wait to see what you get up to in the coming year sir.