Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the UNDEAD! live!

okay not really. Just more old woodcuts. Meh. These are the last of the ones I did the past year...well, most of them. Anything else is either not worth seeing or will be updated later as part of other things. That sounds cryptic. Don't worry, it's not.

"woodcunts!" 7.5x7.5"
Done for an end of the school year print exchange. Mine was the best, of course.

"nom nom nom (editioned version)" woodcut with india ink wash, 10x16"

"enslave yourself!" 1 to 3 layer woodcut, 6x8.5"
printed on 30 7x10" pages torn out of a book on U.S. presidents.
first: one layer, second: three layers, third: two layers
everyone of these was slightly different as it comprised different background and different combinations of layers.

"robots > humans" 4 layer woodcut, bleed print, 13.5x20"
This one was inspired (in part) by the great Sean Star Wars' style of doing woodcuts, specifically the pickup. I attempted to use the rough sketching that he does but just couldn't get myself to do. I require planning. Oh, well. If you don't know him though, check him out, he's the fucking BOSS and a killer dude ta boot.

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