Friday, December 18, 2009

"with/out." or a whole SHITLOAD of pictures.

This is a series of 9 (including the above one) etchings for a book called "with/out." that I made over the summer. The one above of the shark was a 3x4" four plate color etching that was used for the title page, and the ones below were 4x5.5" single plate etchings. Along with the images there was text done with letterpress (which you see as the titles of the images). The whole thing was bound and also included some screen printing and woodcuts for various miscellaneous parts of the book. Anyway the whole thing was a BITCH. Letterpress is totally not my thing, way too much tedious work for not a lot of pay off, but it looks great and I respect people that do it...even though they are fucking crazy. Moral of the story, however, is that making the books was way too much for me but I'll probably be editioning the etchings soonish/at some point and offering those in sets or individually. But yeah, that will be in the future and I'll post something about it then so...there wasn't much point in mentioning now...but I was just thinking about the mo...OKAY no more rambling. LOOK at these here things I made!

"these words are insufficient."

"these images are contrived."

"all meaning is fabricated."

"any connections are fictitious."

"the juxtaposition of things is coincidental."

"what you see is all there is."

"anything more than THIS is an assumption."

"i have no purpose in doing this shit...
but let's just pretend otherwise, okay?"

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