Tuesday, December 15, 2009


HOLY SHIT. I am fucking on Christmas break. Such a weight off, I finally have time to really work. It's funny how much school keeps me from actually working, and by funny, I mean pathetic.
Anyhoo, this is a diptych I finished a few weeks ago but only just got it properly documented. The first part is screen printed with a little bit o' india ink wash over the top. The second part is (obviously) a photograph, but the head was constructed out of wire/mesh frame and then paper mached and then painted. My lovely girlfriend was kind enough to model it for me in this photo, she's a trooper and a pretty super gal (/faggotry). Both were 12x16 inches. It was a fun project, and gave me an excuse to make a giant wearable head which, chances are, I will be making more of in the future.

And I'm just gunna include this because it's super adorable. YEah. SUPER. I repeat words a lot.


  1. I think it should be a triptych because that last one is pretty awesome too. Alternatively, it'd also be neat to put the second photo in another drawing and that drawing in another photo until you go insane.

  2. super. :D
    I'd like to see another couple o those heads mounted on a wall.

  3. Milwaukee is cold, did you figure out what animal that's supposed to be yet?