Sunday, December 13, 2009

oldies but...okaysies?

All line work done by hand, ev'rything else done in PHOTOSHOOOOOOP.

Just puttin' up some old things to add to the THOUSANDS of images your eyeballs are inundated with everyday. Just some variously illustrations I did, the first was for the Washu junior printmaking show which I ended up screen printing over a hundred times on cards and a dozen of so times for posters, and the others were just some assignments I had in an illustration class I took last semester. Meh. Do with them what you will.

In "bloggy" type news, since this is a blog an all and i'm allowed (am I?) to rattle off about personal bullshit, I only have two days until I'm off school for Christmas break...FUCKING STOKED. Oh so much work shall be done. It will be grand. Ah. Btw, that wasn't sarcastic...and neither is this part or the last part...Srsly...okay? Goddammit.

1 comment:

  1. I like the two posters a lot, I do. Especially the Ohio one. The Sarah Palin scares me. But I guess that's what you were going for.