Tuesday, June 26, 2012

dickface vol.1 part 1/3

Oh hai. Been awhile hasn't it?

News and updates shall be coming soon, but for right now let's just discuss the here and now okay?  AT THE MO I am working on a follow up to a zine/book/piece of shit thing I did 4 years back now called, "dickface."  I have meant to get this off the ground a number of times and figured now would be a good a time as any and also as kindof a last big thing before (spoiler alert!) I left St. Louis.

So here is the cover and the first five images from the book I did all those years back.  VOL.2 of "dickface." entitled "#occupymydick" is going to have a similar look and feel but hopefully be better, with more images and the like.  Enjoy! Parts two and three to come shortly as well as teasers for the new one.