Thursday, January 7, 2010

year end roundup part II: illustration.

Alrighty dighty, I know the end of the year is at an end but I had some shits come up so I wasn't able to get this all together in time. Do you really care? I should hope not. More to come more I mean end-of-year stuff...yeah.

This was an assignment from an illustration class I took last semester, the assignment was to illustrate seven birds: owl, flamingo, cardinal, penguin, ostrich, blue bird, and woodpecker. I created a series of 2-d cutouts with acrylic paint and mounted them in a 3-d set. The photographs didn't turn out quite as well as the actual set, but meh.
This was actually very similar to another project I did two years ago.

The following illustrations were from an assignment that was a series of 15 illustrations all done at 4x4". They were in sets of three, with five different types of media. Each one had to illustrate a single word that we were given.


"venus fly trap."


"wrist watch."





CUT CONSTRUCTION PAPER(one of these has been omitted from the series for SUCKING)

"stop light."



"peach tree."



COLLAGE/cut out magazine images (TWO of these have been omitted for SUCKING/this method is hard/looks like shit)


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