Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tales of Woe! (aka My Life)

So last week I had this epic zine project plan in which I was was going to do 24 drawings in the span of 24 hours. Well, I woke up that day, and got two hours into my project WHEN...the repair men came to fix the furnace. Now they were both very nice fellows and I wouldn't say they were as annoying as fuck but...they were annoying as fuck. The moral of the story is that after the three hours they spent distracting me and fixing the heat (which is glorious) I attempted to get back on track but failed. So I got about 9 drawings into my project and was too disheartened and too behind in order to finish...SO I am going to break it up into segments, and complete the 24 images but Imma spread it out. So work is being done on that as well as a few other things that shall be illuminated internetly in the near future.
Also, school starts soon.

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