Wednesday, November 25, 2009


“anatomically incorrect” etching, 5” x 7”, 2009

“self portrait x 1000” etching, 11” x 8”, 2009

“distance = infinity” etching, 5.5”x 4”, 2009

“words of wisdom” 3 plate color etching, 2”x 2.75”, 2009

“safety razor” 2 plate color etching, 4”x 5.5”, 2009

“eggsistentialism” etching, 4”x 5.5”, 2009

This is a handful of etchin's I produced at the beginning of this year. I was still getting the hang of the whole etching process, and hopefully there is some sort of progression in them...if not well then fuck. FAIL. This'll be updated shortly with specs and shit. Awful late ATM so not really feeling up to seeking out that info.
In other news, totally got my high score in bowling tonight, 195. I'm sure everyone that reads this has either a)gotten a higher score or b)is fully capable of lying on the internet.

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