Sunday, May 16, 2010

Two-Headed Monster Robot! Fight! Recap!

So Jun put up some images from our show so I'm not going to bother reposting them here so you can mosey over there and take a peek if'n you wanna.

Also, here are a few pieces that I haven't bothered putting up but were in that show so why the hell not put em up now eh?!

"twelve stories up, one step down", five plate color etching
part of an unfinished series I was doing last year called "The Deaths of Unicorn Boy" but abandoned because it was stupid. Oh wells.

"star wars", three plate etching with chine colle
printed separately but combined here so it's easier to see and understand, ya'know?

"agoraphobics anonymous", two plate color etching

"loves me not", woodcut
done for valentine's day and was originally printed as cards, will prolly be printed in that form again for next year and be available on etsy? maybe? if I ever get around to getting that set up...sigh. another thing I still need to do.

"rabbits fear no robots"
12" x 15" x 8"
found object (rabbits), wood, chipboard, paper mache, paint, ink, blahblah etc.
additional view here!

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