Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hedgehog. 73b/183.

SO I finished the above linework on saturday. Had some things happen over the past couple days so I didn't get a chance to work on the color for it.

Therefore I decided to overcompensate and spend too much time on the photoshop work. There is definitely more work I could have done but not without investing WAY too much time.
Oh well. It's cuter than the first one at least. ENJOY!

Oh, almost forgot, this is inspired by the Hedgehog's dilemma (as evident by the title). Which, if you don't feel like reading the wikipedia (which you should), is the (fictitious) problem of hedgehogs trying to share heat by being near one another, but can only be so close because of their quills. You know what, it's a lot to describe and I can't do it very well, just read that shit.

Also, i colored alot of this while watching the History Channel's "Ancient Aliens". That show makes me LOL real hard.

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  1. You're getting really into clouds. been lookin at some Durers?

    also, ancient aliens is the worst.

    also also, you cant make umlauts in blogspot comment text?