Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Abduction of Christ.

New linoleum cut print. Got a few prints done just in the nick of time for Prints Gone Wild in New York a couple weeks ago.
9"x12" block on 11"x15" Lenox paper.

Have I mentioned that I love the show Ancient Aliens? It makes me feel smart. It also makes me LOL real hard.


  1. awesome. is the main influence el greco? also, check out Masolino's bitchin UFO clouds:

  2. This print is really nice. I want one of these. Trade for a faust and pokeballs? hahaha. Speaking of, do you have those or does that mike guy still have them?

  3. Its a little el greco-y now that you mention it but i was looking at a bunch of Hans Baldung Grien at the time.
    Hahaha those clouds are ridiculous.
    You can totally have one.
    Mike still has them, I actually just had him ship mine back for me, I didn't think to ask for yours. I'm sure he will send them if you contact him.

  4. You know you owe me a print of anything containing ufos till the end of time.