Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monster Town.

OKAY SO YEAH, this is what I have been busy wasting my time doing while not keeping up with my comic. But, uhm, this is a 24" x 36" acrylic painting done on hardboard, and it is going to be in a show at Koken Art Factory this Friday at the Monster Mash Art Bash , so if you are in St. Louis then come see it IN PERSON BAM!, if not well then that fucking sucks, so you'll hafto check out these close ups.

There are going to be screenprints of this in the very near future, not actual size, but it will be bitmaptastic! Stay tuned for that folks!


  1. i just looked at the cat monsters fist. I wish it werent a cat monster but a giant veiny blob monster instead. i wish the entire monster were rendered in the same veiny glory as that hand.