Thursday, November 4, 2010

Prints Gone WILD.

I'm in NYC for Prints Gone Wild with the Evil Prints crew.
No comic this week. Again. I promise I'll start keeping up again.
Cross my heart.

If you're in NYC come say HI.
210 Kent Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Fri., Nov. 5th 6pm-12am
Sat., Nov. 6th 12-6pm



  1. Ahhh! Found you! (I know, major stalker status) I bought one of your bargain prints yesterday at Prints Gone Wild! Really excited to see what you'll be working on in the future!! :-)

  2. That's nice to read. I hope you will find a lot of supporters in New York City. I won't attend that event, since I'm so far from it. I'll visit that site though.

    Have a peaceful and fun time.

  3. come the fuck back and update yer damn blog