Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Whoaw. I've done a shitty job updating stuff this month. Anyway, New York was pretty baller, I have comics coming up this week, and more stuff. So yeah.
Anyhoo, this is a super tiny etching I did recently that debuted at Prints Gone Wold, I think it's 2" x 3"? Well it was the first official test etching done at evil prints, that being one that was actually finished and printed as it is intended to be.


  1. um yeah. way to go. a mother fucking update. it only took you a month. woooo. i'd applaud you, but i know it'd probably make you too excited. and nice new shmancy pic by Bob. *cough*
    http://www.bobreuterstl.com/ *cough*

  2. I don't remember PGW being "baller" minus the bowling part that was the fun part. oooh and pizza that was good too,