Thursday, August 11, 2011

Giraffe. 62/183.

Needless to say this took quite awhile, hence the long delay. The next couple animals are going to be WAY less complicated.
I mean it this time.

Anyway when I came to the giraffe it reminded me that I used to draw giraffes alot so here are a couple I did about 5 years ago...Jesus that is a long time ago. To me, at least.
Hopefully I have gotten better over the years.
But probably not.
Oh well. Enjoy or don't, interneters.

apparently giraffes are only capable of facing stage left.


  1. superdope the clouds really kick this up a notch. also, the building variety is impressive. stop it. seriously.

    also, i could read gojira pizza and chief liquors, but whats the Skal* ******?

  2. It says "Chief Smokes" and "Skal Brewery".

    And thanks doood.