Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hammerhead Shark. 71/183.

So, I was trying to be more loose with my cross hatching, in that i just used it more for texture. Well I don't think it worked too hot, cause it just ended up looking like a shitty high school student's zine drawing, cause all the lines are too loosey goosey. Meh.

Also just drew the head...cause that's the most interesting part? Though I wish I had gone with this prep sketch I did, I kindof like it better.

Overall, kindof a fail.

However, hammerhead sharks are totally crazy. Besides their weirdo heads they are the only sharks to swim in schools and they have itty bitty mouths, compared to their bodies, and as Jun astutely observed, they basically have "Beaker mouths".
Layin' some knowledge on you dumb asses.

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