Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bootleg Evil Head

So as you may well know, or not, I work at Evil Prints in Saint Louis which is a print shop owned, run, and ruled with an iron fist by the one and only Tom Huck . Well we were trying to come up with another evil prints t-shirt design and in the course of sketching up idears I decided I need to draw my own Evil Head. What is the Evil Head you might be asking yourself right now, scratching your head with your Dorito orange stained fingers. WELL, the Evil Head is the Evil Prints symbol...the end. And, it looks like this:

Pretty nifty eh? Well, I drew up my own and am gunna screen print it on a shirt for myself. Me. And me alone. No one else can have it. I gots dibs.

In other girlfriend is snoring next to me and it's pretty fucking adorable. SRSLY. I could eat her up.
And also, more real news soon, including images from my show and some new sketch work and proofs from "The Matters of Grey". WOOHOO! HOLY SHIT! DON'T MISS IT (you won't)!

1 comment:

  1. where the fuck have you been?
    making this shit?
    fuck, dude,
    i've been texting you and calling you almost EVERY DAY.
    and e-mailing every now and then. See you at some SGC stuff maybes?