Friday, June 4, 2010

Collaboragraphs! pt. 3

"exquisite corpse"
I did the drawing on the second and fourth parts, Jun did parts one and three and he did all the aquatints. BAM! The other corpse can be seen here and on that one I drew parts one and three, Jun the the other two, and I did the aquatints. DOUBLE BAM!

"double dragons"
This here be another exquisite corpse style image, but done a lil differnt. This was the most collaborative of the three corpses as we both did work on each others drawings and aquatints and blahblahblah, boring stuff. LESS BORING, is the fact that we both, unknowingly, drew dragons as part of this blob, RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER. crazy right?! meh. Well that's why its called "double dragons" anyway.

Kay, dunno if we had a title for this one, but my image is on the left of the robot (obviously) and Jun's is the turtle monster. We started off by silkscreening a bitmap of a cityscape with plastisol ink on the plates, aquatinting them, and then drawing in our respective monsters, and then silkscreening the background in the same manner. We both added more line work and shit to our cities, but I think they ended up coming together pretty well. But then again what do I know about shit?
Well the answer is a lot, thanks.

Until next time!
Robotic Arms

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  1. Hey! can you dropbox me the higher quality scans of the turtle and robot, and the blob fight? also, we should do the 7 wonders when im back in america? do you still have the lighthouse drawing.