Wednesday, June 2, 2010

just some ramblings.

Okay, no pictures today, just general update stuff.

I decided to change the name of the zine I am working on from NevrEnuf to DickFace. I think it's a good change, a little less generic I guess? I dunno, I just think I would rather read something called DickFace than NevrEnuf, but maybe that's just me, but then again anyone that would be interested in what I do would also probably be interested in childish profanity.

In other news, I have like half a dozen projects I am trying to work on at the same time in addition to my TEMPORARY job at school. As well as trying to set up the etching area at Evil Prints which is a blast and a half. Bleh. I am not always the best at finishing the projects I start, I'm hoping to wrap a bunch of them up this summer, even more preferably this month. But who knows.

Anyone know any good jokes?

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