Monday, March 14, 2011

Evil Head Hunt pt1

Howdy y'all, sorry for the long absence, I have been busy as fuck. However, I shall prolly be posting everyday this week cause shit is gunna be happenin!

ANYHOO though, this is my rendition of Tom Huck's Evil Head for the PBR Evil Head Hunt. About 15 artists have done their interpretation of the Evil Head and they are being screenprinted by hand (by yours truly and the immortal A.J. Lovell) on coasters that are going to be at bars around St. Louie for SGC for all you humble partakers of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Collect and win a prize or something. I don't know all the details and don't have a link because I don't have facebook but I'll update with more info and pictures in the coming days.

Cowabunga Dick Weasels.

PS. my original redraw of the Evil Head is here. I drew it again to make it easier to print and also, I hate everything I do after about 5 minutes, so i needed to give it another go.

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