Sunday, April 17, 2011

Antelope. 6/183.

NOTICE! Click the image for the Wikipedia article for a more reliable source of my info.

Anyway since Jun's and my list of 183 animals contains an exorbitant number of horned quadrupeds including numerous different types of Antelopes, I decided to do the mythical antelope, since it is really the only one known solely as the antelope. So yeah check out the Wikipedia article to have some knowledge dropped on ya!
PS. I've learned more about animals in the last week than I have probably ever.
PPS. the image above is cooler than anything I could ever hope to draw.

ANYWAY, without further ado, the mythical antelope!
Also, behold the first drawing with a background...sorta.

these are quotes from Jun in an email conversation that we had earlier that I found especially great.

"...we've been doing a lot of horned quadrupeds...i hate drawing horned quadrupeds."
"yeah, too many horny quads."


1 comment:

  1. background is nice. wish there were more hair clumpies like in the original.
    im working on a revised list of animals, getting rid of most of the antelope varieties in favor of other things.

    also, getting rid of when it lists doe and deer, kid and goat, kitten and cat, duckbill and platypus. etc.