Friday, April 22, 2011

Aye Aye. 11/183.

okay, I'll explain. So forever I have loved Pixel Art aka. old video game art (think Super Mario) and I was thinking about it today and said to myself "What the fuck, why not try it on one of these animal drawings? And why not do one that has almost NO color in it whatsoever?! Awesome idea me-dude!"
So yeah.

ANYWAY, here is what it looks like ACTUAL size, I had to blow it up so you can see the sweet pixel goodness.

Oh dang! Thats tiny!
Sweet ass pixel animated music video. That is also really gross. NSFW yo!

oh BTW. 100th post.


  1. did you do the drawing bigger and shrink it down, and then pixellate? or was it done at that size?

  2. It was done at the small size, pixel by pixel. I had to blow it up for the big one.